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Avalon Holographics


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Avalon Holographics has developed the world’s most advanced, natural 3D light field display that will revolutionize the way people view and produce visual content. The display industry is approaching an inflection point and the next wave of display technology will rely on comfortable, accessory-free 3D holographics. Avalon’s displays create a 3D experience on a flat screen by reproducing light as it would reflect off real objects to produce an incredibly lifelike experience for multiple viewers that is superior to any competitive solutions in development. The displays change the way users view and interact in 3D with complex multi-dimensional information with early applications ranging from defence, medical imaging, and industrial design to advertising and entertainment. Light field displays are an effective tool for visualizing 3D and multi-dimensional images, animations, and video with depth and spatial characteristics. Users do not require any head mounted equipment or glasses, and experience 3D without the nausea, fatigue, and other physical effects of using current virtual and augmented/mixed reality devices. Avalon Holographics now has prototype displays available for testing and purchase.      

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